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Dick bowdlerI have organised meetings on wind farm noise and am chair of the organising committee of the biennial four day conferences on wind turbine noise run by INCE-Europe. I regularly give papers at wind farm noise conferences. Some of them are here. Also here is a summary of the decisions on the main points of evidence I have put forward in planning inquiries and a Judicial Review decision relevant to the interpretation of ETSU-R-97. There is also a sound file showing a transition from blade "swish" to "thump" - if you need the .WAV file let me know.

You are welcome to quote these or use the sound file for analysis with appropriate credit.


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Planning Condition Wording 2017

This is the text of a planning condition agreed between a number of us and described in IOA Bulletin of Nov/Dec 2017. It is in WORD form and you are welcome to use it.

Brackenside Judicial Review

This is a judicial review regarding a single turbine cumulatively with others. The decision has useful guidance on Financial Involvement

Inquiry Evidence

A summary of which arguments I have won and lost on planning inquiries. Only goes to 2014. Will try to update soon!

Comments on the IOA Good Practice Guide

2013. Acoustics Bulletin Vol 38, No5. Article with critique of the Guide.

IOA Consultation on GPG

July 2012. My consultation response to the draft IOA Good Practice Guide.

ETSU-R-97 - An Alternative View.

2012 - Article in Acoustics Bulletin Vol 37, No3. New thoughts on ETSU-R-97 taking account of developments since 2002.

Wind Turbine Syndrome - An alternative View

2012 - Peer reviewed opinion paper for Australian Acoustics.

A sound file of swish and thump (MP3)

This is a sound file recorded near a turbine showing the sound moving from "swish" to "thump". If you would like the WAV file please contact me through the contacts page.

Why Turbine Noise Annoys

Paper for WTN2011 in Rome

AM of Wind Turbines

Article for Acoustics Bulletin 2008

ETSU-R-97 - An Alternative View

A very early critique of ETSU-R-97, originally written in 2002. Some of it now out of date.

An Inevitable Consequence

Two articles for IOA Bulletin on the history of industrial deafness.

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